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What is a Josanin (Birth center) ?

Delivery at Birth Centers: the difference with hospitals.

Do you know what a Josanin is? What kind of place?

You may think it is a small medical clinic or an obstetric clinic but it is not quite so; Josanin is a place to deliver without doctors, entirely run by the midwives.

Pregnancy and birth are not illnesses. All women have the natural ability to give birth to a baby if she becomes pregnant. Josanin is a place where midwives assist you to maximise your innate ability to deliver so that you can give birth naturally without medical interventions.

However we do also work with the cooperating medical institutions as it is also true that in the past, people risked their lives during delivery, so please be reassured that our midwives do work with such institutions and doctors in order to keep the labor as safe as possible.

Cooperating Medical Institutions
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Conditions that we are unable to accept

We can only accept "normal birth".
Hence if you belong to the following cases, the risk is too high for us to accept you and you have to give birth at the hospital.

  • Multiple-foetus pregnancy
  • Your baby is in a breech position
  • Those who have a history of a Caesarean delivery
  • People with infectious diseases
  • If you carry an infectious disease
  • There are complications
  • Patients of gestational toxicosis
  • Those who are RH-NEGATIVE (It does not mean that Rh-negative is a medical complication but if requires medical care straight after birth hence Josanins are unable to accept such cases.)
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I would love to visit Matsugaoka Josanin!

We welcome everyone even if you are not planning to give birth here. Also, even if you are planning to give birth at other clinics or hospitals, please come and join our classes to make yourself healthier! Looking after your health, eating habits and life style throughout pregnancy will greatly help you to have a strong base for a long parenthood that lies ahead of pregnancy and birth.

It is our sincere wish that the experience you will have here and the people you will meet here will help you to have a wonderful parenthood.


Important: Please read

Active Birth

  • If you would like to give birth at our birth center, please call us first to book for an Open day.
  • There is no drop-in sessions at our center, hence every antenatal consultation and other classes need to be booked prior to your visit.
  • It is important for your health and the baby’s health that you attend all the regular antenatal and postnatal consultations.
  • We also request that you will have the 20th, 30th and 36th week consultations (and when it is necessary for you to consult by obstetrician) at the specified medical institutions, which are cooperating with our center.
Pregnancy calendar

Introduction (1)

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---- So what would you most like to tell a woman who is going though pregnancy right now?

We would really like for them to feel true excitement and joy through the experience of birth and parenthood.

---- That really happens you give birth here?

Yes, people really experience it. Once they are over the painful contractions and hold the baby, all the pain totally disappears and all you feel is this amazing happiness and love towards the baby.

Babies really are lovely and that moves people tremendously and deep content arises within you. To have such a deep happy emotion, to have such feeling as the starting point of your parenthood will allow you to get through the difficult hurdles of parenthood with a strong driving force. Here we always make sure the baby sucks the mother’s nipple as soon as it is born so a strong bond between the mother and the baby is formed. This bond is a very important base of going through hardship together. Through experiencing your pregnancy and birth experience in this center, we would like you to nurture the feeling that "whatever happens, I love my baby" Even in the most difficult times of parenthood we would like you to feel first and foremost the love towards your child, by making a wonderful start in our center.

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---- What is it that you find is most important at the time of labor?

It is very important that the mother holds the baby as soon as the baby is born. This skin-to-skin contact straight after birth, deepens the emotion and strengthens the bond (helped by the increased secretion of hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin). In our center, through respecting the natural rhythm of the labor we make sure that the perineum does not tear so there are fewer burdens on the body’s recovery. Through natural birth, both physically and mentally you can enter parenthood as feeling of love towards your baby as the starting point and as the base.

---- So what is important during pregnancy?

Natural birth comes from living naturally; this is our prime message toward pregnant women. So first, start spending your days in tune with the nature’s rhythm and lead your body to be in tune with nature. This is important, as a person who is in tune with nature is able to "catch" the contractions well.Practically speaking, the first step is to start getting up in the morning with the light of the sunrise and go to bed when it is dark. Then your body will slowly be able to sense the subtle changes in nature, such as waning and the waxing of the moon as well as the tides of the ocean, which labor is influenced by. This will allow your body to start the contraction at full moon and be able to give birth with a good momentum. So we do recommend you to have a life style, which is as close to nature’s rhythm as possible so that your body will be in tune with nature.

---- So that is the basic preparation to aim for a natural labor at Matsugaoka Josanin.

Introduction (2)

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---- So what is unique about Matsugaoka?

Getting up early and going to bed early as well as keeping yourself warm are the basics but in our center. We also place importance on the meals. To prepare meals everyday with natural stock without the use of artificial flavourings is very important. Such meals are so easy to prepare once you are used to it but it is becoming much less common nowadays. It is our wish that people will re-remember our good old Japanese food again and have joy in eating rice, miso soup, pickles and vegetables everyday. We feel that this is a tradition that needs to be passed down through generations so we hold "Shoku no Kai" (Meal day) at our center twice a month.

Nutrition Class
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---- Your Josanin is also famous for incorporating aromatherapy since the beginning isn’t it?

Our center recommends the use of aromatherapy from the pregnancy to aid deeper relaxation. Aromatherapy uses beautiful fragrances to stimulate the brain through olfactory senses. As olfactory senses are connected to the primitive part of cerebrum, through stimulation of this area, your true emotions are able to come forward, which is very important in labor as you need that primitive part of you to return to give birth naturally. Its effectiveness in inducing deeper relaxation is also a great reason why we feel it is good to use aromatherapy wisely from the beginning of pregnancy. We hold Aromatherapy Koza (Classes) so please come and join us to learn about aromatherapy.

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Another thing we recommend in terms of using aromatherapy during pregnancy is to encourage your partner to massage the belly.

Through massaging the mother’s belly, your partner is able to feel the baby’s movement. The baby’s hearing is developed by 24th week of gestation so do talk to the baby too, which will increase the bond between the baby and your partner. Aromatherapy can act as a great catalyst in making the whole family connected through relaxing together, deepening the bond within the family. So partners, please massage the belly and start connecting with the baby.

---- Lastly, is there a message on parenting, the life after birth?

Parenting brings both hardship and joy, but if you have any worries, please get in touch. People find it particularly hard around two to three months after having a baby, so do get in touch often and if there are any troubles, do come to visit us. We are here to support your parenting and are very happy to be of help.