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Pregnancy calendar

No of weeksConsultation typeNote: Advice and recommended classes etc
PregnantEvery 4 weeksYou may notice that you might be pregnant around this time.
Once you have confirmed your pregnancy at the hospital, make sure to receive "Boshi-techou" (Mother & Child health notebook).
To have a miscarriage around this time is very common. Refrain from smoking and drinking and avoid vigorous exercise.
Do aim to go to bed early and wake up early, keep warm and be careful not to use your eyes (i.e. reading, using a computer, watching tv etc) too much.
If you wish to give birth at our clinic, please attend the Open day.
Please try to book your first consultation around 10th week of gestation.There after, please come to a check up every four weeks until 22nd week
check up
Please come to our birth center for the check up appointments.
check up
2020th week
check up
Please attend your check up at the cooperating medical institute.
check up
We recommend you to start attending the maternity yoga classes for an easier birth.
check up
Every 2 weeksAim to have a life style with a healthy rhythm mby waking up early and going to bed early. Go for a regular walk and build up your stamina for the labor. Join us at Nutrition Class and start having meals that are good for your baby and for the production of breast milk so you will have an enjoyable breastfeeding experience. If you are interested in birthing in water, please attend our water birth study class.
check up
week check up
Please attend your check up at the cooperating medical institute.
check up
Attend Antenatal parenting class with your partner to increase your understanding of the process of labor.
We recommend that you come to our Enjoy Birth class in order to prepare yourself for an enjoyable birth experience.
check up
You will be able to take your maternity leave from six weeks prior to your due date.
3636th week
check up
Please attend your check up at the cooperating medical institute.By this time, have your "hospital bag" ready and prepare for your labor.
check up
Once a week37 weeks to 42 weeks are said to be "Full term".
You could enter the labor at anytime now so please avoid travelling far.
It is also advisable to start breast massages in order to prepare for breastfeeding.
check up
check up
check up
41Once you have passed your due date, please come for a check up once every three to four days.
After giving birth, we recommend postpartum care of Matsugaoka maternity hospital.
*Each time of "notes · recommended class" is a guide only

Price list

Labor and related services

Basic charge of labor and postnatal stay545,000 Yen -Part of national obstetric health insurance system
Underwater birthing pool50,000 Yen/single use 
Antenatal stay・birth stay22,000 Yen/day 
Postnatal stay33,000 Yen/dayClick here for details
* We are also welcomed by all year-old births and other birthing births
Postnatal stay(Day Care Stay)16,500 Yen/dayClick here for details
* It is possible to respond when the room is free

Consultation and related services

Registration fee1,000 Yen*1. This is charged when you use our facility for the first time (i.e. antenatal consultation, breast care, reflexology, aromatherapy etc)
*2. If you have attended the Open day (2,000 Yen) we will not charge this registration fee.
Antenatal consultation5,500 Yen 
Health instruction fee1,000 Yen - 6,500 Yen 
Breastfeeding related care6,000 Yen 

Classes and therapies

Reflexology6,600 Yen
Aromatherapy6,600 Yen
Open day2,000 Yen 
Nutrition Class (1st attendance)4,500 YenCouple attendance is 7,000 Yen
Nutrition Class (2nd or more attendance)2,500 YenCouple attendance is 6,000 Yen
Enjoy Birth3,500 YenLunch & snack included
Antenatal class for couples3,000 Yen 
Water birth study class2,000 Yen 
Maternity Yoga2,500 Yen
Yuru Exercise
Maternity walking
Aromatherapy course
Balance ball exercise
Postnatal Yoga
Baby massage
Mini Nutrition Class1,600 Yen 
Ma mère (play group)Free 
Ma mère special500 Yen