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I want a baby!

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I want a baby!

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I want a baby!

There are many people who would like a baby but cannot get pregnant. Of course, if it is not happening and if that has been your wish for a long time, you do need to go and seek a medical advice. But before taking that step, do have a moment to think. Are you spending enough time with your husband? If you really really want to have a baby, you do need to compromise each other’s time and increase the time you spend with each other. Listening to stories of couples finding it hard to have a baby, it is common that they don’t tend to spend much time with one another; having relaxing quality time together.

Also, if you don’t have any obvious problems but are still not conceiving, we recommend for you to have a life style that welcomes the arrival of a baby, which is actually exactly the same as if you are aiming for a natural labor.

Here is the summary:

  • Go to bed early and get up early.

    Please reconsider your way of life if you work till 9pm. If you want a baby, you should both go to bed by around 10pm and ideally, share some relaxing time together before that too.

  • Go for a walk.

    Regular “aerobic” exercise will keep your general health in good condition and will also regulate your menstrual cycle. So do incorporate some sort of exercise as your daily routine. The easiest is the morning walk. Regular exercise will also increase your libido.

  • Do not use your eyes too much.

    This means to not work too much, as well as not being at the computer for too long. Also, have you noticed you tend to have less “contact” with your partner when you use your eyes too much ??

  • Warm your body.

    People who go to bed late tend to have cold core body temperature. Do keep your belly and ankles warm. Lead your life in a way that is kinder to the womb.

  • Eat vegetable centerd Japanese style meals.

    Also try not to put any chemical (e.g. artificial flavourings) into your body through food. Do be aware of safety in food and do protect the baby that you might be carrying already.

We recommend for you as a couple to lead a healthier life style and spend a lot of time with each other before going to have medical tests.