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Encourage family health through meals beneficial for breastfeeding.
– Prevention of allergy through vegetable centerd meals –

But you do not need to be troubled by this change or it is not so complicated! We feel that pregnancy and birth is a great opportunity to re-consider your eating habit for healthier life for all members of the family as well as a stress free birth and breastfeeding experience.

“Nutrition Class” for family health.

The bases of the meals we serve in our center are “Genmai Saishoku” (Brown rice and vegetables centerd meals) and we hold “Nutrition Class” to explain about our meals while actually eating meals prepared at our center.

It is held once or twice a month depending on the number of people who would like to attend, and mothers who have troubles in breastfeeding or with the baby’s diet/digestion also attend through recommendation from other health institutions.

We recommend that you follow our diet from late pregnancy when weight gain, oedema and anaemia tend to become an issue, until after birth when the breastfeeding is fully established. The length it takes to fully establish breastfeeding varies depending on the individuals, but it usually takes around three months since the baby is born.

Once your breastfeeding is established, it is ok to go off from our recommendation, as if you are too strict it might become stressful for you and the rest of the family – so please find a good balance that suits your family’s needs.

The eating style we recommend will be sure to have an effect on the prevention of allergy and the so called “disease of affluence” of the adults. However, it is not that we are stating that “If you eat this food, your milk will be bad” or “your child will develop allergy” The quality of breast milk is also greatly influenced by the rate of metabolism of the mother so even if the mother eats a lot of meat, dairy products and eggs, if her body is able to digest and process well, there will be no trouble in breastfeeding.

Hence please take our experience on how the food and the diet influence the health and breastfeeding as a suggestion, that we make in order for you re-consider your eating habit especially during this period.