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The effect on the baby

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Become healthier and more beautiful through birth, breastfeeding and parenting!

Stay energetic even after delivery!

We experience that through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, mothers can become more energetic as well as feel and look much younger than before.

Of course it is not that you can be so by just giving birth. But when combined with a positive change into the healthier life style that we recommend, such as going for a walk during pregnancy, eating Matsugaoka Gohan everyday and by bringing up your baby by breastfeeding, many mothers experience getting slimmer and have trouble free skin as a result! This is our top secret, you will only know it if you do it yourself!

To share this wonderful experience with more people, we have asked 9 mothers, who gave birth at our center and are living examples of our motto, to come to our center to talk about their experiences. We had a lovely time having a chat in our Japanese room eating Matsugaoka Gohan together. Below are the small extract from our day.


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——– Thank you very much everyone for coming today. We would really like you to talk about your experience on food, breastfeeding and parenting since you have given birth here. We also prepared Matsugaoka Gohan for you too!

———- Ok, to start with, we would like to focus on Matsugaoka Gohan, which we recommend for good breast milk but also our uniqueness. I hope you remember that we started talking about diet since pregnancy. . .? Though when did you actually start eating it like that at home?

(Mama A)

I changed my diet and my life style as soon as I was told that I am likely to have a very difficult birth due to my occupation at the Open day! It was a shock!

I am a writer so I became aware of basic things like life style and eating habit from then on.

(Mama S)

I started to be more careful with my diet when the midwife was shocked to detect a high protein level at the first consultation (around 10 weeks of gestation)!

(Mama H)

Yes I also started to look after my diet from the first consultation.

(Mama T)

My diet was like this since before I gave birth to my oldest child (four years old).

(Mama M)

I also started eating like this since before I gave birth to my oldest child (eight years old), when I attended the “Shoku no Kai”. Though I eat anything now!

(Mama O)

Wow everyone, I am impressed with you all. I love drinking so I didn’t really eat “Gohan” (means both meals and rice) but I was told to have rice centerd diet at “Shoku no Kai” and ever since, I have been eating rice like never before!

(Mama KK)

I also only started since after “Shoku no Kai” but I was aware that “Genmai Saishoku” (Brown rice and vegetable meals) is good food for my health.

Also since I got pregnant, I didn’t fancy things like Yakitori (Grilled chicken skewers), which was my favourite before pregnancy, so it was not hard to change the eating habit.

———– It is really nice to be able to listen and respond to your body’s needs isn’t it?

(Mama E)

My body also did not want meat and fish anymore when I started Yoga 10 years ago, but once I got pregnant, my parents made a real effort to make me eat meat and fish so that was troublesome!

(Mama N)

I started six years ago when my older sister attended your “Shoku no Kai”. Also my mother never really liked meat, so when she heard that it is enough to just have vegetables and fish, she was happy so hence my family i.e. three women, are happy without meat. You do get proper satisfaction with just vegetables and fish.

(Mama KM)

I started before pregnancy, because I felt I have a tendency for food allergyies. But now, maybe because of my big baby taking a lot of milk, I eat meat and fish also because I get dizzy just eating vegetables!