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Bringing up your baby with breastfeeding

Breast care and weaning
Looking after your breast is also an important part of our work.

You may experience many troubles such as;

  • You feel there may not be enough milk
  • The baby refuses to latch on or show dislike when offered.
  • The baby falls asleep once fed but wakes up as soon as placed down.
  • You feel a hard lump deep in the breast
  • The breast is red and has lumps
  • Feel uncomfortable or painful tingling sensation deep inside the breast

If you experience any of the above, please do call us to consult our midwives. We accept your telephone query 24 hours and we also welcome mothers who did not deliver at our center. If it is really serious, please do come to our center directly!

Weaning – stopping to breastfeed

Timing of saying good-bye to breastfeeding is very important. If it is stopped suddenly, it will be a shock for the baby and may turn into a trauma. So please come and talk to us when you start considering stopping to breastfeed. We also give breast care after stopping to breastfeed to aid a smooth weaning process.