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For natural birth

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Your life style – having a good rhythm in everyday life –

For a natural birth experience, it is important that you will feel the nature’s rhythm.

To have a body which can respond to the waning and the waxing of the moon and the tides of the ocean it is good to go to bed early and wake up early – so that your body will start responding to the energy of sunrise at the start of the day. Once you get up early in the morning, do go for a walk to bathe in the morning sunlight. Morning sunlight has an important function to be able to correct the body’s natural rhythm.

A person who is in touch with nature’s rhythm will start contraction once the entrance of the womb and the birth canal are mature and soft. A contraction that has started naturally will be powerful and filled with ample energy necessary to deliver the baby, and such contraction is only brought about by a body of a person, who leads a life with a good rhythm in synch with nature.

If you are used to staying up late and have a night-orientated life style please turn over a new leaf in your life now to start a new life rhythm where your body can be in touch with nature’s own rhythm.

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Your life style – Going for a walk –

Going for a walk will allow your pelvis to align itself. When your pelvis is aligned, it is easy for the baby to descend once the delivery begins. Especially for those whose pelvis is not aligned, we recommend to go for a walk with a good posture, without carrying anything.

Walking without carrying anything will help your shoulders to relax, hence the tensions around the back, neck and shoulders will be released. This will also improve the blood flow within the pelvis so it is effective for back pain also. A relaxed back is also important for delivery, as it is easier for the womb to open up if your back does not hold tension. Of course walking will help you to build up the stamina you will need for delivery and being a parent after that!

It is important that you go for a walk in your own rhythm, so alone, with no aim, nothing in your hands, but just with your baby in your belly to feel the wind and enjoy the changes of the season.