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Contraction & Labor

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Contraction & Labor

If you have been able to sustain your pregnancy until full term (full term implies from 37 weeks until 41weeks and six days of pregnancy), there should be a natural beginning of a series of contractions leading to a natural delivery without any medical intervention.

Every baby grows in the womb of a mother until it is ready to be born and when it is ready to come out of the womb, it sends its own signal to start contraction. The waning and the waxing of the moon and the tides of the ocean also influence the timing of the onset of contraction.

When the baby feels that to be in the womb is nice and comfortable, the baby will stay in the womb happily until full term. As the due date comes closer, the mother’s body also becomes ready to deliver the baby; the entrance of the womb and the birth canal will be softer, the pelvis will align itself and so that it will be easier for the baby to pass through.

The contraction that is led by nature’s rhythm is wonderful, as it is filled with the energy to bring about the birth of a baby. It also brings a very powerful feeling as you feel the energy of the baby trying to come out of the womb by its own energy.

Every women knows instinctively what is the best environment for herself during labor; including who she would like to be with and in what posture she would like to deliver in; she may crouch down, be on all fours, stand on her knees or some will stand up just as she is about to deliver the baby. Whatever the posture and position she will take, the best position to deliver is the position that she finds the easiest in that moment.

In the moment of delivery, the women will revive the primitive animal instinct. So even in the current civilised world of living, during the delivery we are able to hear the primitive cry of nature.

Every woman is shocked by her own primitive cry, surprised of her own energy for delivery and feels the wonderful power arising from deep within herself.

When she allows herself to flow with the primitive cry, she is able to truly let herself go and will experience pleasure that words cannot describe. In the moment when she delivers the baby by her own power, the fierce pain that took over her disappears, the suffering turns into accomplishment and hardship turns into happiness.

On the other hand, if her movement is restricted and she is fixed in the delivery position decided by somebody else, she will be much more likely to be under strain and the natural ability to deliver will be obstructed.