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The effect on the baby

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The effect on the baby

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Life style during pregnancy and the neonatal period

The four weeks since the birth of a baby is called neonatal period.

It is observed that especially in the first seven days of neonatal period, the state of the baby is greatly influenced by the way the mother has lead her life during pregnancy.

Hence in our center, we believe that the relaxation during pregnancy is very beneficial for the well being of the baby and so we recommend the use of aromatherapy in everyday life.

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Birth memory at subconscious level

A psychological study done in the U.S. states “The memory of birth stays in the subconscious level of the person and if s/he was to have experienced brutality or loneliness then that will have a great influence on the way that individual will develop” (“Babies Remember Birth: and other extraordinary scientific discoveries about the mind and personality ” by David Chamberlain).

If this is true, we can say that a smooth birth will have a very good influence on the child’s development by giving a warm welcome into the family. In our experience, a smooth birth is determined by how much the mother is relaxed, especially during her pregnancy.

The use of aromatherapy in everyday life will aid you to take your level of relaxation to a deeper level than the “usual” level.

In such a state, the baby will feel a great comfort and security in the life in the womb, when the labor starts, through the birth canal and the moment of birth, as well as the neonatal period.

It is our belief that babies born in such a way will have a great start to life as an individual as s/he will be able to trust life and enter into childhood with enthusiasm. Hence we feel that an appropriate use of aromatherapy during pregnancy and birth will greatly influence the life of the baby in a very positive way.